to Apr 24

Goodnight Babies

Pan is leaving for another adventure, she can’t bring you all, neither her artwork. So she wants to play a game with you.

You don’t need to talk, but participate. Trading her artwork with things you have. A short melody, a genuine kiss, a serious breakfast, a joke, a swing dance, a little money, a blue and soft something, a mushroom hunting trip, a precious sketch, a promise…anything lightweight.

Goodnight, babies.


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to Jul 31

Lunacy - Solo Exhibition

“Off the beats, cells are mutating, aberrance in developing
Noiselessly, flood and ebb deviate one of us from regularity
Polyphonic broken music”


I was inspired by Aristotle’s “lunar lunacy effect,” in which the moon would triggered the tides to make man mad. Through my imagination, I had fun building a dialogue between the Moon and myself—I pace the Moon, I conquer the unknown, I break the regularity, and I multiply the empty… 
Now, you are invited to my Lunacy.

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