Watercolor animation      They have always been glittering, since my dad was a mathematician  Using me to subtract wisdom teeth, he got a ducky  He taught me to say, “ga ga ga” while here people say, “quack quack quack”  Whatever, language doesn’t matter     They are like eggs, as the platform of happening  There might be some news, might or might not     I’ve decided to adopt them  Illuminate them with my heat  Fostering them  Combing out their hair  Silently flaunting them in front of some big water, like a lake or ocean  Baby them, as well as making them older  Tick tock, tick tock     I’ll keep them a secret, until they become an enigma  And taste like birthdays       它們,小的土   在我的爸爸還是個數學家的時候,它們就是五光十色的 用我減去智齒,他得到了一只小鴨子 他教我說:“嘎。嘎。嘎。”;而在這裡人們都說:“夸克。夸克。夸克。” 無所謂啦,哪國語言不重要  作為發生的舞台, 它們就像蛋 可能會有些新聞,也可能什麼都沒有  我決定收養它們 用我的熱情來照耀它們 養育它們 給它們梳頭髮 在大片水域(湖泊或海洋)前無聲地炫耀 寶貝它們,也讓它們變老 天天天天  我會為它們保守秘密,直到變為一個迷 吃起來就是生日的味道
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